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TakeDown Cancer | Randy Shaver Cancer Foundation

NOW is the time for your team to join in the fight against cancer!

If you are part of the wrestling family, you can use the skills and attitude you've learned in our sport to make a very large impact. Your team of wrestlers can make an even BIGGER one! Each and every effort on your part matters greatly and will add up over time!

Join us as we work hard to TakeDown Cancer!

You are joining hands with one of the most highly efficient cancer charities in the country with over 90% of all donated funds going directly toward both prevention measures and finding a cure. There are no "middle-men" in the process and no salaries being paid. There are numerous ways you and your team can help. Very simple in design and easy to implement. Please click on the "Host a TakeDown Cancer Event" tab to get started!

Donation Form

Thank you for support and donations to TakeDown Cancer. If you have any donations and would like to be a part of the wrestling communities TakeDown Cancer mission, please follow the link on the left for our donation form.  Again thank you for your efforts in TAKING DOWN CANCER!